Alpha Token (ATK), a cryptocurrency for digital content, solving a trillion dollar problem for the global economy.






  • Total issuance = 4 billion units of ATK

  • Pre-sale price: 1ETH = 11600ATK

  • The team reserve 30% = 1.2 billion units of ATK of ATK (4 yrs vesting w/1 yr cliff)

  • Pre-sale issues 2% = 80 million units of ATK Next will issues 28% = 1.12 billion units ATK

  • Stabilization incentive reserve20% = 800 million units of ATK (10 yrsvesting to ATK holders)

  • Alpha Award Foundation 20% = 800 million units of ATK (reserve for Alpha Award Foundation to sponsor content creation)


Alpha browser is a complete solution for the generation, dissemination and consumption of digital content based on blockchain technology. The valuable time and attention spent by the content producers and consumers are captured, quantified, and traded through Alpha Browser with Alpha Token.




  • Wallace Lynch


    Serial entrepreneur, Columbia University Ph.D., seasoned tech-media expert, startup community connecter, founder of HSHub, MenuMeet, JianyueApp, and Cofounder of Svinsight, SVACE.

  • Steven Antebi


    President of Maple Capital Management, director of Five 9 Capital Holdings, chairman of CTRL Collective, chairman of Royalty Review Council/Crunch Digital, managing director of Bear Stearns UCLA (M.B.A.), Loyola Law School (Law)

  • Patrick T.

    Acclaimed white hat with 20+ years of architect experience, expert in VOIP, Fintech, OTT, and TMT products on both a military and civilian track.

  • Vanvey F.

    Founder of TUTUroomii, years of experience in team building, product development, digital marketing and business development, San Diego Social Innovation Challenge Winner, China National Innovation Fund Winner, UCSD Master of Finance, and Rady Venture Fund Analyst.

  • Alex L.

    Senior architect in major internet companies, proficient in Python development, database management and development, expert in distributed system architecture and design, and high concurrent network server development.

  • Max L.

    Coding genius, learned to code at age of 10, built his first commercial website during elementary school, expert in mobile development, proficient in iOS and Android systems, extensive experience in enterprise level WMS, TMS, and OMS application development.

  • Hao W.

    Engineer turned UI designer with 10+ years of experience, proficient in painting, mechanical drawing, and design.

  • Bo L.

    Creative designer with strong graphic design and painting skills and ex-military with a strong sense of precision and teamwork spirit.


  • Haiquan Hu

    Famous singer and musician, angel investor, founder of the Yu Quan band, chairman of the Haiquan Fund, chairman of Zhongjin Haiquan International Investment Co. Ltd, CEO of Jujian Culture, and president of EQ music DreamWorks.

  • Miko Matsumura

    LP at Pantera Capital, co-founder of Evercoin digital currency trading platform, co-founder of Hazelcoin digital money exchange, Chief Marketing Officer of Lime Light and instructor and investor of Alchemist accelerator.

  • Daniel Friedberg

    Legal expert of the finance, banking, and high-tech industries for more than 20 years, partner and co-chairman of Fenwick & West LLP, specializing in payment industry and technology finance, and one of the few experts in the American blockchain monetary legal profession.

  • Yanping Hu

    China internet independent third-party research expert, acclaimed thought leader, executive consultant in China, founder of DCCI, co-chair of the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA), strategy advisor to C-level executives in several major technology companies in China.

  • David Chen

    Famous Silicon Valley angel investor, chairman of the board of HYSTA, which is largest organization of Chinese tech proffessionals in the US, chairman of Pactera, which is listed in NYSE, and partner of Sequoia Capital.

  • Steve Hoffman

    a.k.a. Captain Hoff, renowned angel investor, serial entrepreneur, chairman of Founders Space, and sits on the board of governors for the New Media Council.

  • Qiulong Zhang

    Renowned intellectual property law expert, executive director of the Intellectual Property Center of Xiamen University, adjunct professor of Minzu University, and the deputy secretary of China’s Anti-infringement Union.


Uses of funds
  • Team expansion & equipment 10%
  • Server and bandwidth 10%
  • Foundation and security R&D 20%
  • Application and Eco-system R&D 20%
  • Business development 15%
  • Open source development facilitation 10%
  • Legal and tax services 10%
  • Operational cost 5%